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"(1) Dustin Warncke Youtube review"

I would like to thank Dustin Warncke for his Youtube video review of GotReticle gun scope crosshairs illuminator. Check out Dustin's video and his web site.

GUN TALES: GotReticle Youtube Video


"(2) Finally, there is an inexpensive solution to the age old problem of not being able to see your scope's reticle's at night while hog or varmint hunting with a regular scope! The GOT Reticle, created by FCS member Mike Calio, attaches to your scope via a Velcro strap and can be easily adjusted to fit over scope flip-up covers (although it's best to flip the cover up before attaching the GOT Reticle). The copper conductor is easy to bend and the power switch is easy to operate. Best of all it has a dimmer switch. Even in total darkness it really lights up your reticles. The GOT Reticle sells for $30. FCS members receive a $5 discount. "

By Lumberjack
The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen

"(3) Hello my name is Bobby Luna and I’m a CHL instructor and I also guide water fowl hunts from Corpus Christi Texas. Mike is a friend and a client, the scope light Mike created is a nice addition to your hunting gun. It does light up your scope cross hairs and the dimmer allows you to adjust the LED brightness. For the price, it’s worth having in your tool box. "

Capt. Bobby Luna
Lone Star Waterfowl


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