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Your gun scope crosshairs will illuminate with GotReticle. This red LED light mounts to your gun scope with a Velcro strap and two Velcro buttons allowing you the perfect secure placement. GR comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery, on/off switch, and an LED dimmer switch. The flexible copper conductor allows you to bend and shape the LED into the correct position. Being able to see your reticle is a must when hunting hogs at night, stalking predators at dusk, or those early morning low light shots. Eradicating the Texas feral hog starts with GotReticle.

GotReticle Manual

GotReticle LED (Light Emitting Diode)
GR has three LED's in parallel for greater reliability. If one LED is damaged the other two will continue to function.

GotReticle LED dimmer
The dimmer switch is a variable resistor allowing the hunter to adjust the LED current thus controlling the LED brightness.

GotReticle Flexible copper conductor
This high tech flexible copper conductor allows the hunter to adjust and place the LED light in the correct location for maximum viewing of the gun scope reticle.

GotReticle On/Off switch
The on/off switch is ergonomically placed on top of the GR for easy access.

GotReticle Dimensions
1.5"L x 0.75"W x 0.5"H

GotReticle Price
$30 Plus S&H

GotReticle Instructions:
1. Remove scope light from the plastic bag
2. Pull apart the two velcro straps (one extra included)
3. Feed the velcro strap through the loops
4. Two additional velcro buttons are provided for secure mounting of the LED light
5. The flexible copper conductor will need to be bent at the LED to form a right angle
6. Attach the scope light to the EYEPIECE end of the scope
7. Secure tightly with the velcro strap
8. Adjustments can be made by bending the copper conductor for proper lighting
9. Rotate the scope light on the eyepiece to fit your needs
10. The scope light comes complete with an on/off switch and a dimmer switch


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